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DKFC Dance Contest

1. 12-35 years of age, Male or Female. Minors (12-17y.o) are required to pass a parental consent: DOWNLOAD HERE.

2. 3-5 minutes dance audition video (CD/DVD format ONLY).

3. 1pc. 2×2 colored photo

4. Fully accomplished application form: DOWNLOAD HERE


Option 1: Submit everything in a brown envelope. Write the following at the back: ATTENTION: DKFC DANCE CONTEST (Solo / Duo / Group Category). Submit it to 284 E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon City. If you are far away from the HQ, you can send the envelope via LBC.

Option 2: E-mail them to Attach the application form, parent consent (if any), and your audition piece. Put ATTENTION: DKFC DANCE CONTEST (Solo / Duo / Group Category) as the subject.


1. Prepare yourself / create a dance group.

2. If you are a minor, make your parents sign the parental consent.

3. Fill-up the application form individually.

4. Attach 2×2 colored photo.

5. Create your audition video
Solo: Alone
Duo / Group: With your duo or group
… and burn it to a CD or DVD

6. Gather everything!
For group: Gather each member’s application form and put them all in a brown envelope alongside with the CD/DVD and submit it to 284 E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon City.

7. Once you have qualified for the first round, we’ll contact you.


1. On the FINAL ROUND, winners will be chosen as Individuals. Whether you’re part of a group/duo, you will WIN individually. In short, kanya-kanyang dancing power (KKDP)

2. Criteria:
60% Dancing Skills
15% Star Power
10% Audience Impact
8% Electric Body Bump
5% Costume
2% No Pawis Level
100% KPOP Jigaboo! Daebak!!!!


3rd Runner-up: DKFC lootbag, 2 platinum DKFC concert ticket, DKFC poster

2nd Runner-up: DKFC lootbag, 2 platinum DKFC concert ticket, DKFC poster

1st Runner-up: DKFC lootbag, 2 VIP Standing DKFC concert ticket, DKFC poster

19 winners to be trained by top KPop choreographers privileged of opening for the DKFC idols, 2 VIP standing DKFC concert tickets each, DKFC lootbag, official DKFC poster with winners’ photos


1. You may submit only one application. So, choose whether you’ll be solo, duo or part of a group. Decide and join accordingly.
2. Audition videos can be anything BUT for the contest/elimination and final rounds, you may only perform songs done by the participating Kpop Idol in the Dream Kpop Fantasy concert line up.
3. You may dance the same song each and every time until we get sawa.
4. Your audition videos need not be in costume. It will only be required in the elimination rounds and final round.
5. Every applicant will be given a NUMBER, that will serve as your record individually, whether you are solo, duo or in a group.
6. You may win in the elimination round as duo/group, but during Final round, thats when individuals will be chosen.
7. You can do freestyle or exactly as how your Kpop Idols danced it, it doesn’t matter, what matters is if you’re good at it.
8. You can do a remix or the whole song. Whatever you like as long as it fits the 5-min maximum time.


Submission of entries: October 29 – November 5, 2012 at 6PM
Announcement of Finalists: November 9, 2012 at 6PM
First batch: November 18, 2012 at 1PM. SM MOA.
Second batch: December 02, 2012 at 1PM. SM North Edsa.
Final Showdown: Dec 16, 2012. SM Manila.