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1. How much are ticket prices?
Check out the TICKETS tab.

2. Where can I buy tickets?
You may buy your tickets from SM TICKETS, TICKETNET, and TICKETWORLD.

3. Do they accept credit cards?
Yes. You may also buy it online now. Check out their websites.

4. Do they accept checks?

5. When can I start buying tickets?
VIP Standing and VIP Seated will be available on Sunday, October 14, 2012 at Megamall Event Center from 1pm – 5pm
All remaining tickets + Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze will be available starting October 14, 2012 from all SM Tickets, Ticketnet and Ticketworld.

6. Can I reserve tickets from you?
Sorry, no. Just buy directly. Or you may contact the ticketing vendor and reserve from them. But since this is standing, no need to reserve, or you’ll get charged reservation fee.

7. How come its standing, I am very small, I want seated.
There is only 1 area for seated. That is the VIP Seated. The rest are all standing since this is in an open ground.

8. I live far, how can I buy ticket?
Go online. Check out the following: SM TICKETS, TICKETNET, and TICKETWORLD.

9. Where are SM Tickets located?
SM Tickets: Outlets here

10. Where is Ticketnet located?
Ticketnet: Outlets here

11. Where is Ticketworld located?
Ticketworld: Outlets here

12. Will there still be tickets in December?
Yes. Tickets are sold from October 15 to January 19.

13. I’m afraid it will be sold out?
Don’t be afraid.

14. If I buy early, will I be assured I’ll get the best ticket?
Aside from the VIP Seated, the rest are all standing, so there is no assurance on your place in the venue.

15. Is there ticket number for Standing areas?
No. Standing is general. So it’s first come first serve.

16. Is there discount?
There is Early Bird Discount from October 15 – November 15, 2012 for Gold, Silver, Bronze Areas.

17. Is there Senior Citizen Discount?
Yes, all tickets are subject to 20% Discount for Senior Citizens.

18. Can I see layout of the stage?
Pls check the TICKETS tab, its there.